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To all of our members, fans, and visitors:

We apologize for this, we did not see this coming. Yesterday ( 10/4/11 ), Xbox 362 was up and running fine as

usual and now, well its basically nothing. This is the second time Xbox 362 has crashed,except for the fact that

this time it was "Hacked". Two Admins existed on Xbox 362 being, blackhalos99 and X Dex Garcia x9 . Either one

of them found a reason to destroy the site, or it indeed, was hacked. Those two Admins may be found on Xbox

Live. If anybody has the time please send a message on Xbox Live to both of them asking if, and why they did

this. If you find any information please email [email protected] AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!



Approximately 20% of our site is still up currently, and working fine. In order to get there go to Xbox-362.

 Xbox 362 will slowly be returned to its former glory, but once revived, we will have no existing members, or Admins. 

Admin applications will NEVER be accepted again. Only I ( dave251x12 ) and I alone, shall Admin and work on Xbox 362 because of this situation, unless otherwise informed by 3rd parties.


Please enjoy our Promotional video before you leave this page and add Xbox 362 to your Favorites, as it will be revived soon! 

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